BR-II™ 900 Roof System

BR II 900 Roof System

The BR-II™ 900 Roof System combines great economy with proven BUTLER® building performance. The system is easy to install & maintain and assures weather-tight performance. It offers features that make it the strongest fastened roof system in the industry. Each BR-II™ 900 roof panel features a full 38.1 mm deep corrugation for extra strength. The panels are 900 mm in width and up to 10 meters in length so the roof erection occurs quickly even in case of large buildings.

Special Features:

  • Deep Corrugations: Affirms Strength

    The depth of panel’s corrugation, combined with the strength of base steel grade is a critical factor in roof strength, durability and ability to perform over a long period. BR-II™ 900 roof panel offers the deepest and a wide corrugation in high tensile steel base of minimum 550 MPa yield strength. It provides additional strength in comparison to any other industrial profile for both wind uplift and roof traffic

  • Return Leg: Supports the Pressure

    To provide added support against roof traffic, BR-II™ 900 roof panel incorporate a “return leg” on all side lap connections. Roof panels without return leg often separate during fastener installation or under roof traffic pressure.