Other Structural Components

Primary Structural Steel

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for precision manufacturing. To manufacture roof beams and columns, we use high tensile steel plates conforming to ASTM A 572 M Grade 50 Steel. Our structural welding complies with code AWS D1.1 2008 edition of American Welding Society. The manufacturing and dimensional tolerances are as per 1996 edition of Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA). Our fabrication facility employs the most sophisticated equipment for cutting, shearing, splicing, drilling, welding, shot-blasting and painting. Our dedicated quality assurance team and operations team follows approved Inspection and Test Program for incoming materials inspection, In progress inspection and final inspection to ensure zero defects.

CEE-plus™ & ZED-plus™ Purlins And Girts
CEE plus Zed Plus

CEE-plus™ & ZED-plus™ are specially designed purlin system for BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS, which is tested over a number of years and used all over the world.



Special Features:

  • Manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel ( with 120 gsm, 345 Mpa) conforming to ASTM A 653M - 04a Gr. 50 
  • Factory pre-punched system for easy and accurate installation results
  • World class quality control system to avoid any dimensional variations during production
  • The inclined lip helps in best nesting capability for easy transportation in bundles and in kits
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions. This helps in manufacturing the most economical engineered building structure
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions. This helps in manufacturing the most economical e-engineered building solution
  • Tested and proven worldwide
Engineered Roof Accessories

To maintain structural integrity and weather tightness, specially designed accessories are available for all BUTLER® building roof systems.

A full range of accessories including SKY-WEB® II fall protection system, BUTLER Lite-Panl™ translucent roof panels, vents, curbs, flashings, skylights, roof hatches as well as various gutter & trims options, complete the offering and keep your building attractive and functional for years.

SMARTDEK® 51 Decking System
Smartdek 51

SMARTDEK® 51 Decking System is a high strength zinc-coated steel decking system, which acts as permanent formwork as well as positive tensile reinforcement for concrete floor slab.

Special Features:

  • Fewer temporary props and bearers are required under the formwork deck, which provides weather protection for a safe work environment, both above and below the floor
  • The embossments on top & sides of the ribs provide added grip and minimise slip by creating a bond with concrete as done with normal reinforcement
  • Provides permanent formwork as well as positive reinforcement.
  • Does not require erection, removal, handling or storage of timber / steel formwork as required in conventional concrete slab construction, which saves valuable time
  • Clean, uniform and attractive ribbed underside (soffit) for exposed situation reduces the cost of ceiling finishes