Case Study
Aesthetic, Leak-Proof Building Impresses Client
: Taloja, Raigad near Navi Mumbai
: India
Project Size
: 13,650 m2
: Technova Imaging Systems Limited
Products Used
: BUTLER™ BUILDING SYSTEM with 10 years leak-poof warranty MR-24® Roof System in curvilinear shape, LYSaGhT TRIMDEk® 1015 manufactured from ZINCaLUME® steel, FLEXICLaD™ 1110 manufactured from COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist™ colour, CUSTOM ORB® 990, LOUVREMaX™
Year of Completion
: 2007
The manufacturing facility of Technova Imaging Systems Limited at Taloja, Raigad near Navi Mumbai looks like a masterpiece on an open land surrounded by mountains. The project is a world-class BUTLER™ building with 10 years leak-proof warranty.

When Technova Imaging Systems decided to build a new manufacturing facility, their major concern was to make sure that the building is 100% leak-proof. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of digital and analog offset plates, chemicals, inkjet, laser and drafting media, Technova Imaging Systems essentially requires to manufacture in leak-proof structures as even a single drop of water leaked during manufacturing can result in huge losses for this client.

BUTLER™ BUILDING SYSTEM was therefore chosen by Technova for this project. a premier global brand which truly represents 100 years of experience in pre-engineered metal buildings, BUTLER™ BUILDING SYSTEM offers several advantages to clients. For this specific project, the 100% leak-proof MR-24® Roof System was the key advantage.

This was a green-field project. Tata BlueScope Steel was working with Technova for the first time. MR-24® roof system, the most time-tested standing-seam roof system widely used across the world, was ideal for this project because it was leak-proof yet aesthetic looking at the same time. Tata BlueScope Steel used MR-24® roof system in curvilinear shape (Radius of Curvature R = 100 M) for the first time in India for this project. LYSaGhT TRIMDEk® 1015 made from ZINCaLUME® steel was used for the walls because of the material’s luminosity and its metallic appearance, which matched the colour of the roof. LYSaGhT FLEXICLaD™ 1110 was used inside the building for roof and wall liner panel.

We suggested and used water and sand resistant louvers called LOUVERMaX™ for ventilation. Valley Gutters made out of non-corrosive Stainless Steel and designed with twin downspout system designed to perform to peak rainfall of upto 300 mm/hr, was used for the project.

The curved MR-24® Roof System and LYSaGhT TRIMDEk® 1015 wall cladding made out of ZINCaLUME® steel gives a silvery finish to the project. The interior view too looks grand because of the curved roof and wider clear spans. also, LYSaGhT FLEXICLaD™ 1110 used for roof and wall liner panel gives the project building an aesthetic finishing on the inside.

We designed a world-class BUTLER™ building, which was first-of-the-kind for Technova Imaging Systems Limited. The clients of Technova are spread across the world. For Technova, the manufacturing facility is one that they can proudly showcase to their clients.

The unique structure of curved MR-24® Roof System makes the project an architectural success. Technova was happy with the final outcome and appreciated Tata BlueScope Steel for its professional approach.