Case Study
Proven integrated business processes deliver on-time project completion
: Vinplex India Pvt. Ltd.
: Maduravasal, Periyapalayam, Chennai
End use
: Distribution Centre for Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
: BUTLER® Building Systems
Project Size
: 49,294 m2
Project Duration
: 180 days from approval of drawings
Brief about the Client:
Vinplex India Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in 1996, leases warehouse spaces in and around the industrial hub of Chennai. To meet the strategic business objectives of their global customers, Vinplex India Pvt. Ltd. offers highly customised services such as dedicated ‘Built-to-suit warehouses’ and ‘Shared warehouses’ that ensures efficient supply chain operations.

Scope of Work: Design, Manufacture, Supply and Erection of Engineered Steel Building Solution for Hindustan Unilever Limited’s Distribution Centre.

Pre-qualification phase: Pre-sales team was engaged with the client to understand the specific requirements of the project and suggested optimised solutions to meet their operational needs. During this interaction our team gauged that on-time project completion is the most critical and decisive need of the project. Our team briefed the client and the end user on the enablers required to achieve the project milestones.

Key Project Requirements and Challenges:
On-time Project Completion: The 49,294 mega project was to be completed within 180 days from the approval of general arrangement drawings.

Project schedule: The material supply schedule submitted to the client was based on front of load process. A well-established Tata BlueScope Building Solutions process that checks the flow of open project and enhances its capability to complete the project on committed dates. This process leads to higher adherence to ‘On-time delivery’ of materials.
The erection schedule prepared by considering innovative work methods such as POD lifting, mechanisation at site which reduces overall erection timelines.
The team informed the client about the requirement of PCC floor and peripheral roads that would benefit in easier movement of equipment’s & materials and enhance site safety.

Project Execution Milestone Chart:

Scope Clarity: The project information form (PIF) is a crucial document which provides scope clarity to various teams involved in the project. It was precisely filled by our sales and project management team. Error free PIF document provided a good scope of job clarity to the teams and ensured no transactional issue between departments.

Approval Package: Our engineering team ensured and received on-time approval from the client without any major changes on GA approval package.

Project management: Our project management is based on critical chain approach which gives an early warning signals for timely corrective actions. This is based on following principles.
  • a. Full-kit is collected before starting each task so that it can be executed in a very short time without interruptions.
  • b. Reduction in cycle time is achieved by ‘Not shifting the priorities’: The frequent switching of priorities among the open projects increases the lead time of all projects.
  • c. The module wise and grid wise sequential delivery planning to match the building erection sequence.
  • d. Weekly project progress reports highlighting enablers required to achieve the milestones were submitted to the client to ensure that there were no last minute surprises. The stake holder engagement, project communication management was extremely effective during the project tenure.

Erection Methodology: By ensuring proper co-ordination with project management team, sequential material delivery was ensured so that the materials reached at site are erectable as per erection priority. Construction team implemented various time saving erection methodologies such as module wise material stocking, pod lifting method for rafters and purlin erection. High level of mechanisation such as use of boom lifts, telescopic cranes had also enhanced speed. Our certified builder deployed adequate trained manpower as per plan.

Support from Client: Good support from customer enabled us to complete all the milestones as planned. Ontime payment receipts and no change request by customer during the entire project progress helped our team to push project seamlessly through our system. Our customer provided all the work fronts required as per our detailed planning e.g. the anchor bolts were casted accurately and foundations were ready to erect the building. The PCC floor and peripheral roads provided by customer has helped in safe and faster material movement.

Conclusion: Better scope clarity, internal working processes and policies such as full-kit, working without shifting of priorities, standardisation, proper material stocking procedures, detailed pre-execution module planning of project and monitoring performance of each module with CCPM approach has resulted in on-time delivery of materials.
Stake holder engagement, effective communication management, erection supervision by a dedicated construction team, use of boom lifts and adoption of innovative construction techniques resulted in on-time completion of the project.

P. Sai Venkat Prasad
Vinplex India Pvt. Ltd.
Customer feedback: It is with a great pleasure that I congratulate Tata BlueScope Building Solutions team for on-time completion of built-to-suit distribution centre for Hindustan Unilever Limited. The project is completed in a systematic way and up to our complete satisfaction.
On-time completion of this mega project is a good demonstration of how Tata BlueScope Building Solutions integrated processes delivered outstanding experience to us which is difficult to replicate and gave us a sense of complete satisfaction.
Tata BlueScope Building Solutions excellent project management capabilities and experienced construction team followed latest construction techniques for safe and speedy building erection. I wish to thank the entire Tata BlueScope Building Solutions team involved in this ambitious project for their excellent co-operation extended during the project phase.